White Truffle & Porcini Cream


Cream of porcini mushrooms and white truffle.

Authentic Italian ingredients are combined with the finest Italian truffles. Surprise the palate and elevate the style of every occasion with the refinement that only truffles can offer. No Artificial Aromas. 100% natural. NON-GMO Certified. Gluten free. Vegetarian. With this sauce, thanks to Urbani’s selection of only the best ingredients from Italy, you can now create and enjoy amazing delicious truffle dishes with ease. Perfect to boost the flavor of any meal.

Pairs well with/serving suggestion

Add the sauce to your risotto or tagliatelle and your gourmet specialty food is ready to serve. Makes for a perfect sauce created for all types of pasta. Delicious on toasted bread and scrambled eggs.

Weight ,37 kg


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