Whipping and Cooking Long Life Cream 1L


Arla Pro® Whip & Cook is based on a mixture of skimmed milk and vegetable oil. It has a creamy, yet slightly sweet flavour. Arla Pro® Whip & Cook is versatile in usage as it can be used in both hot and cold application. It’s exceptional whipping volume and flavour makes it perfect for desserts such as ice creams, beverages and mousse or even pasta dishes.


Our Arla Pro Whipping and Cooking Cream has a good consistency and is very versatile and are suitable for both hot and cold application. It has a long shelf life and a great creamy taste and texture with excellent whipping abilities. 30% Vegetable fat blend.


Application Info:

Cold Application:

  • whipping time between 5 – 7 minutes at full speed
  • Should always be whipped from cold
  • light and fluffy foam and very close to dairy taste
  • Very stable and long lasting foam
  • Great for all desserts such as ice cream, mousse and other desserts

Heat Application:

  • Heat Stable, can endure boiling
  • Firm Consistency, no need to thicken
  • Acid stable, can endure acidity such as lemon juice and vinegar in smaller amounts
  • Great in pasta dishes, gratin, stews and egg dishes


To be kept refrigerated, 3 days shelf life after opening.


Skimmed milk, hydrogenated palm kernel fat, emulsifier and stabilizer system ( E472e, E472b, E471, E452 , E1442, E412, E407), Sorbitol (E420), beta-carotene, natural flavouring.

Weight 1 kg


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