Viking DANISH Blue Cheese


Viking DANISH Blue Cheese

1kg ea.

Viking Danish Blue Cheese is a semi-soft blue veined cheese, made from cow’s milk. Produced in Denmark, it has a creamy and crumbly texture with a sharp and salty taste.

Viking DANISH Blue Cheese is stored for a minimum of 26 weeks. After storage, under the right conditions, it achieves a significant taste – powerful and refined with a slight hint of sweetness. The cheese is produced at Gedsted Dairy situated in the north west of Denmark. The dairy is one of Denmark’s smallest and is a specialised blue mould cheese dairy, producing exclusively for this product.

Pairs well with/serving suggestion

Best served with crackers, pears, raisins, fruit bread, and walnuts. Crumble the cheese and melt it into sour cream, plain yoghurt or mayonnaise for a rich and tangy dressing.



Weight 1 kg


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