Spaghetti Pasta


Spaghetti Pasta

500 grams ea.

The most famous and beloved type of pasta in the world – what’s not to love about it! This Liguori spaghetti pasta uses the traditional Italian technique of slow drying the pasta and uses semolina wheat to give the pasta a wonderfully firm texture once cooked.

Spaghetti pasta is most often used in dishes such as carbonara, alle vongole, amatriciana, aglio e oli (garlic and olive oil), and puttanesca.

Pairs well with / Serving suggestion

Their diameter makes them versatile and suitable for any type of seasoning.

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Cooking Time

9 mins (8 mins Al dente)

Number of Servings

Serves 4 hungry people.


Ingredients Pasta: durum wheat semolina, barn eggs, water.

Weight 0,5 kg


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