Kimbo Gold


Gound Arabica Coffee

Kimbo Gold Arabica Coffee, vacuumed packed for long-lasting freshness. This coffee has its origins in central and South America and has been finely ground for exquisite flavour. Available in 250 grams.

Intensity 6/6
Richness 6/6
Sweetness 5/6
Length 6/6
Body 5/6
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This coffee can be described as deliciously delicate and refined. It has been ground with beans of the arabica plant, giving it a smooth, sweet taste with notes of chocolate and hints of berries. This product can be used in cafetieres, filter machines, moka pots and espresso machines.

Pairs well with/serving suggestion

Serve hot, alongside pasteries, chocolate treats, biscotti or breakfast dishes such as omelettes and Eggs Benedict.

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