Gelato Ice Cream


Rum & Nougat Flavour

You’ll want to scoop yourself a generous helping of this delicious gelato ice cream from Gelateria Callipo. Chunks of nougat and chocolate take this frozen dessert to a whole new level of heaven! This Gelateria Callipo product is gluten free.

Gelato is a uniquely Italian treat, and is much denser and richer than most ice cream products. It is considered a healthier option for those looking to cut down on their fat intake, as it typically contains much less fat than most ice creams. Only top quality raw materials are used to create this Gelateria Callipo gelato.

Pairs well with/serving suggestion

Serve straight out of the fridge and pair with treats such as Pandoro or crunchy savoiardi biscuits for an intensly Italian experience.

Weight 2,5 kg


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