Canned Zucchini, Grilled


750 grams ea.

This canned zucchini has been selected for size, sliced, grilled and flavoured with oil and herbs. It is ideal for hors d’oeuvres, side dishes and pizzas. This Greci product is available in 750 grams.

While similar to cucumbers, zucchini does not belong to the same family. It has an ever so slightly bitter flavour and is much heartier when compared with cucumbers. This vegetable can be added to stir fries, used to make low carb noodles and can be added to meaty, cheesy bakes.

Pairs well with/serving suggestion

Grilled aubergines pair well with tomato sauces or yoghurt based sauces and can be seasoned with dill, mint or black pepper. They can be dressed with olive oil and fried for a crispy texture and more intense flavour.

Weight ,75 kg


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